NetConnect's Weekly Game Night v1.01 - LoL (09/27/2013)

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NetConnect's Weekly Game Night v1.01 - LoL (09/27/2013)

Postby netconnectgaming on Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:58 pm

Coming down the lanes of Demacia, the second of our series of tournaments is here! We're very appreciative of what the gaming community in Toronto has done for us and we want to show that appreciation. Starting Friday the 27th and each Friday thereafter, we are going to be hosting League of Legends tournaments weekly. For our first take, we want to reward our Toronto playerbase that shows we're the most popular venue for internet cafe gaming.

To register, visit NetConnect Cafe (544 Yonge St.). The tournament will have an entry fee of $20, which also gives you a 1hr free voucher and 1 drink voucher, and if you need to play in-store, your time will be covered.
The prize distribution is:
35% for 1st place team
25% for 2nd place team
15% for 3rd place team
And each round we'll be giving out some time and drink vouchers.

The format is Swiss Pairing, so even if you don't win the first round, you still have a chance of second or third, based on your opponents' performances. This tournament will be 3v3 in Twisted Treeline, one game rounds with no time limit (for those in store, if another pairings rounds' run long, we have many other games with which you can pass the time). You can pay at the store and play from home, too! Prize winners from home will have to visit the store to collect their prizes at a later time. The full registration run-down will be provided at the time your register.

In addition, each time you participate, you will earn Bytes of Passage, a ranking system for each season of gaming (this would be season 1). Each round win is 3 points, and each round loss is 1 point, and the results will be shared through a few venues - our store, our Facebook page, and the master Google Spreadsheet. We'll also be providing the same system with a Lifetime and All Games total when we start our next ventures, which include our Wednesday Starcraft 2 tournaments' Bytes, plus the Bytes for future tournament titles like Battlefield, Call of Duty, DotA2 and more.

So come join us down at the store, and Game On!
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