State of the LAN (party)

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State of the LAN (party)

Postby Analog Kid on Fri Jul 13, 2012 7:46 am

My first LAN party was 3 people connected together with telephone line and AppleTalk playing Warcraft II in an apartment. It was a fantastic experience.

We've since had occasional parties over the years. The largest was in a friend's house with two teams of people, upstairs and downstairs, connected together with Ethernet cable run through the heating vents.

I'm considering organizing a public event.

What's the current state of LAN parties, specifically in Ontario?

I see events like LAN Of The Dead 2 (Windsor) and ESC: The Elite Series (Toronto) stating that their events are 250 - 300 seats big, but do they actually fill these seats?

Has Internet gaming replaced the LAN party? Do people really want to haul their gear across town to a party when they can play with 100s of people online?

What gets people out of their chairs, opens their pockets to pay admission and get to a LAN party? Lots of people? Prizes? Babes?

What's the biggest turn-off that ruins a LAN party? Miserable attendance? Cheaters? Technical problems? Not playing your favourite game or lack of active games?
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Re: State of the LAN (party)

Postby gnat on Fri Dec 07, 2012 1:10 pm

AppleTalk LANs were awesome because you could use the phone line in the house as LAN cable. ;)

Anyways just bumping to get rid of cached spam posts. ;)
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