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Postby Serenity on Tue Oct 20, 2009 12:42 am


First of all a happy belated (Canadian) Thanksgiving to everyone from all of us at LPE. Hope you're not all too sick of turkey!

Apart from this momentous holiday, October's been home to another important (German) holiday, Oktoberfest!

If the first thing that came to mind when hearing that was Team Fortress 2 medic, you're on the right site!

Besides the obvious reasons to remember Oktoberfest, it seems most of us at LPE have not given much thought to this traditional German holiday.

Instead, we've done what we do best, LAN parties!
A whole slew of October LAN parties right across Canada.
Starting off in Quebec, CoreLAN held their annual event. Followed closely by Polybash's VIP Starcraft event.
October 17th was a good day to be living in Ontario if you're a gamer. 3 consecutive LANs on the same day!

Moving west R-Dot is back for another round of fragalicious goodness.
Last but not least is CapLAN 17 back to finish off the OktoberLANfest!

So all in all a great month for Lanning in Canada. But wait, it doesn't stop there!

Coming up in November is BaseLAN's wopping 18th event followed by TorontoLAN in December.

Special Mention
Going out of this post's 'theme' so to speak, there is one LAN party that deserves an honorable mention.
LPE received its first charity based event!
Congrats to Frag for Cancer!
It sounds like it was an great event and for an even greater cause! Keep it up Halifax!

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