PAX Prime 2010!

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PAX Prime 2010!

Postby gnat on Fri Sep 03, 2010 3:36 pm

Duke Nukem Forever at PAX 2010


Courtesy of Gearbox and 2K games, LAN Party EH and Plus One Gaming got a preliminary look at the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever. Yes, after the years of drama and lawsuits it is coming out!

The line at PAX was massive, we were eventually led into a dark theatre area. One of the Gearbox developers gave a short yet firey introduction. Almost in interuption, Duke blasted onto the screen in full glory. It felt like we needed a new pair of pants. Afterwards we were let into a demo area to give Duke a test run; it felt fast paced and action packed, reminicent of Duke from the 90's.

Remember what the old wise men said, always bet on Duke.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take video within the theatre. We did capture a number of gameplay photographs. Enjoy!


Photos shot by photographer Matthew Hartrick of LAN Party EH.
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