Gnat's November LAN Report

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Gnat's November LAN Report

Postby gnat on Tue Nov 18, 2008 4:07 am

CapLAN 15

It's just after CapLAN 15, our own DDay summed up the experience quite well (edited slightly for length):

Well, this was a CapLAN to be remembered. While not packed to the brims like some of them have been, the solid hours of gaming, with few breaks in between, was just what the doctor ordered [...] Anyways, with the new addition of console gaming, with everything from a whole lot of Rock Band and quite a bit of the new Gears of War 2, this was a welcome addition for a lot of our attendees, and led to an even more awesome experience for all of us. [...] A whole lot of games were played, a few new ones were discovered such as the now eagerly anticipated Left 4 Dead and in general it seemed everyone was having a great time. Few issues occurred for both network and power, leading to a successful, amazingly long lasting LAN that went well into the late hours of the morning with nary a stop.

No complaints at all, the LAN was very well organized and supplied a constant flow of gaming goodness directly to my eager gamer fingertips. On a side note, the Starcraft tournament was victoriously won by yours truly.. hell yes. 8) CapLAN 15 was an excellent gaming experience, and I will be back for more!


LAN Party Eh Updates

It's been a busy few months for LAN Party Eh. Awesomely enough, we've now had listings from all of the major provinces, with major concentrations in BC (of course!) and Alberta!

Development on the website has been slowed as I await the heavily anticipated 2.0 release of Expression Engine. EE 2.0 will allow much finer control of the website for everyone involved, making a more dynamic LAN Party Eh possible. We'll be adding features such as a community (wiki-style) LAN party planning guide and clan support to the website shortly after.


The 100-gamer C-Toan LAN party will be here in less than a month. The C-Toan LAN crew never fails to throw a damned good event, and arguably is the prime gaming event here in Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows as of now. If you are in the Lower mainland of BC, be sure to check them out and sign up at !

Lan Maisonneuve 5 will also be going on in Montreal, Quebec on the 22nd of November!

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Re: Gnat's November LAN Report

Postby DDay on Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:30 pm

You either go to bed REALLY late, or you wake up ridiculously early. Also, an update on Left 4 Dead. It truly is an amazing game. The Co-op on it is better than anything I've ever seen, and this game just has something that makes it sing. Something that all Valve games seem to share. How odd.

Hope to see you all at C-toan!

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