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Looking to play some new games to play at your LAN party? Look no further! LAN Party Eh maintains a directory of LAN party-specific games here.

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Name Genre Players
Starcraft Real Time Strategy 1-8
Quake III: Arena / Team Arena First Person Shooter 1-32
Cortex Command Action / Strategy / Hotseat 1-4
Red Alert 2 Real Time Strategy / Action 1-8
Counter Strike: Source First Person Shooter 1-64
Alien vs Predator 2 First Person Shooter 1-32
Gears of War Third Person Shooter / Action 1-8
Battlefield 2 First Person Shooter 1-64
Team Fortress 2 First Person Shooter 1-32
Zap! / Bitfighter Action 1-64
Warzone 2100 Real Time Strategy 1-8
Counter Strike 1.x First Person Shooter 1-32
Halo First Person Shooter 1-16
F.E.A.R. Combat First Person Shooter 2-32+
Armagetron Advanced Action / Racing / Tron 1-32
Soldat Action / Sidescrolling 1-32
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare First Person Shooter 1-32
Defcon Real Time Strategy 1-6
Unreal Tournament 2004 First Person Shooter 1-64
Left 4 Dead First Person Shooter, Co-op 1-8
Warcraft 3: Defense Of The Ancients Real Time Strategy 2-10
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars First Person Shooter 1-64
Rise of Nations Real Time Strategy 1-8

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Instant Action

Here are a few fun, free LAN games that are perfect for those during-installation times. All are quick to install and generally easy to pick up and play.

Armagetron Advanced

Armagetron Advanced
Website - Download Page


Website - Download Page

Gang Garrison 2

Gang Garrison 2